pyrolysis plant


pyrolysis plant


pyrolysis plant


pyrolysis plant


pyrolysis plant


Industrial environmental friendly pyrolysis technology: bio fuel and electricity generation; pyrolysis of MSW, biomass, electronic waste, sludge, tyres and plastics, medical waste; pyrolysis soil remediation; turn-key WTE pyrolysis projects: pyrolysis plant design and engineering, equipment supply and plant commissioning

Pyrolysis turn-key project: scope of work

Scope of work, financial and performance guarantees and other terms are in accordance with the provisions of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) Model Contract for Turnkey Supply of an Industrial Plant. We perform design and engineering, supply and deliver (either DDU on-site or FOB), supervise erection and commissioning, perform personnel training.

Scope of supply and service usually comprises the following:

  • Waste preparation (presorting, shredder, dryer) as required
  • Pyrolysis unit
  • Carbon oxidation unit
  • Burning chamber
  • Waste heat boiler
  • Turbine/Generator Set
  • Gas cleaning unit
  • Internal ducts and stack
  • Pipes and fittings
  • Steel structure, stages and stairs
  • Electrical, process measuring and control equipment
  • Plates and signage
  • Technical documentation
  • Packing and shipping
  • Supervision of erection and commissioning
  • Training of operating staff during commissioning

Any alterations in scope of work are discussible during the contract negotiations.

Contract preparation / precontractual study

The ICC Contract for the Turnkey Supply of an Industrial Plant determines that the main obligation of the supplier is to supply the equipment and assist the purchaser during erection and start-up. The contract consists of 37 Articles and number of attachments (Contract Schedules and Annexes).

The articles determine the legal framework while the attachements contain conditions and specifications of the concrete project:

  • Definition of the site and specification of information needed for preparing the layout of the plant
  • Events to occur before the commencement date and conditions for contract termination before effectiveness
  • Conditions of the equipment shipment including marking, packing list and other documents
  • Price of the contract and payment conditions
  • Bank guaranties provided by the supplier and liquidated damages for delay
  • General description of the plant, guaranteed performance and minimum performance levels
  • Equipment and other goods to be provided by the supplier, main sub-contractors and sub-suppliers
  • Technical documentation to be provided by the supplier
  • Time schedule
  • Raw materials, components and consumables
  • Technical personnel provided by the supplier for supervision and assistance
  • Specification of erection equipment and specialised personnel provided by purchaser
  • Performance test procedures and provisions for non-attainment of the guaranteed performance
  • Training of the purchaser's personnel
  • Taking over certificate
  • Transfer of technology / licensing (if applicable)

For a large-scale project we usually proceed with a precontractual study with the purpose to investigate the potential technical possibilities and local market conditions for the pyrolysis plant to be built and the associated costs. We sign an agreement with the customer and perform a conceptual design of the pyrolysis plant in accordance with the provided project design specifications. We evaluate the optimal structure of the pyrolysis plant and scope of work to enable decision making to the customer. All the data required for the contract attachments as specified in the paragraph above are provided. If required we perform also the environmental impact assessment.

As the result of this pre-contractual study the technical and financial parameters of the pyrolysis plant are determined. This information can be further used by the customer to secure the investments, to apply for building and environmental permits or to proceed directly with signing the contract.

pyrolysis plant photo
pyrolysis plant photo