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Eco Thermal Technology: Industrial Pyrolysis

    Industrial pyrolysis plants with a single line capacity up to 80,000 tpa:                               Green Energy and New Commodities

  • Plastic-to-Oil / New materials
  • Waste-to-Electricity / Heating
  • Tyres-to-oil/Carbon Black
  • Wind Turbine Blades Pyrolysis

  • Biocarbon for Metallurgy
  • Biochar for Soil Improvement
  • Biochar for Activated Carbon
  • Syngas to Green Energy (H2)

  • biochar pyrolysis plant


    Industrial Pyrolysis Experts

    About Us

    Splainex Ecosystems BV originates from company Splainex which was setup in 1994 near Amsterdam in Flevoland province. We inherit strength, expertise and developed business network of the predessesors. Our professionals possess combination of diverse skills, knowledge, and experiences.

    Our core business - design and equipment supply for the commercially proven pyrolysis technology - creates excellent global market drivers for the sustainable development and offers attractive opportunities for customers and investors.

    Together with our German partners we design, fabricate and supply high quality equipment for thermal treatment pyrolysis plants performing recycling of materials and energy. Scope of supply and project structure depend on a feedstock and project goals.

    Our Mission

  • Focus on the environmental friendly waste treatment
  • Promoting material and energy recycling and lowering fossil materials consumption
  • Assist industry in regeneration of valuable materials: catalysts, activated carbon, metals
  • Facilitate customers in meeting national and regional standards on waste management and emissions
  • Generate for shareholders an adequate return on their invested capital

  • Our Services

    Consultancy on implementaion of pyrolysis projects, feasibility study, project planning

    Process engineering and mechanical design

    Pyrolysis equipment manufacturing in workshops

    Equipment components purchasing from sub suppliers

    pyrolysis products and services

    Equipment packing and customs clearance (FCA/FOB), equipment shipping (DAP)

    Assistance in pyrolysis unit installation and commissioning

    After sale services and spare parts supply

    Retrofit design and modification of existing plants, modeling and optimisation

    Pyrolysis and thermal processing (syngas or electrically heated furnaces)

    Indirect heated rotary kilns

  • Pyrolysis
  • Drying
  • Special materials production
  • Direct heated rotary kilns

  • Gasification
  • Activated Carbon production
  • Hazardous waste processing
  • activated carbon regeneration
    activated carbon activation

    Our Competitive Sustainable Advantages

    Professional Staff

    Skilled multidisciplinary engineering and management team.


    Combination of a specialized product (efficient pyrolysis technology) with a broad number of application areas.


    Commercially viable large-scale pyrolysis plants for competitive prices.

    Long-term Experience

    Decades of experience in the pyrolysis projects delivery.

    Quality Sub-suppliers

    Broad network of reliable sub suppiers for pyrolysis equipment components.

    Project Execution

    Excellence in delivery quality pyrolysis products on time and budget.

    Long-term experience gained from practical realization of the large-scale commercial pyrolysis units distinguishes us from the competitors and serves as an additional guarantee for customers.