Pyrolysis for Environmental Friendly Conversion of Coal Power Plants




Feedstock pre-treatment (as required)

  • Pre-sorting
  • Shredding
  • Drying
  • UNIT 2


    Pyrolysis with ancillary equipment

    Main equipment items:
  • Pyrolysis Kiln
  • Combustion Chamber with Burner Management System
  • Carbon Recovery Sub-Unit (as required)
  • UNIT 3


    Energy Recovery and Electricity Generation

    Main equipment items:
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator
  • Turbine/Generator set
  • Steam Condenser
  • UNIT 4


    Flue Gas Treatment and Disposal

    Main equipment items: 
  • Gas Cleaning Sub-Unit
  • ID-fan
  • Stack

  • Scope of Work and Services

    Scope of work is based on the provisions of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) Model Contract for Turnkey Supply of an Industrial Plant: design and engineering, supply and deliver (either FCA or DAP), supervise erection and commissioning, do personnel training.

    Feedstock and project goals determine scope of work for a particular pyrolysis project. Typical equipment supply for waste-to-energy pyrolysis plant presented.

    For pyrolysis oil project UNIT 3 (Energy Recovery) will be replaced by Oil Condensation and Storage UNIT. If one of the products is a solid phase from pyrolysis, e.g. biochar, then Carbon Recovery Sub-Unit will be excluded from UNIT 2.

    Any scope of the equipment supply will be completed with the following supply and services:

  • Ducts, pipes and fittings
  • Steel structure, stages and stairs
  • Electrical equipment
  • Instruments and control equipment
  • Plates and signage
  • Technical documentation
  • Inland transport and  Packing (FCA delivery) and shipping (DAP)
  • Assistance in on-site erection and commissioning
  • Training of operating staff during commissioning

  • Any feasible variants of scope of work are discussible during the contractual negotiations.

    Pyrolysis project stages

    • Design and Engineering
    • Equipment Fabrication
    • Factory Acceptance Testing
    • Packing and Transport
    • Site Installation and Commissioning
    Design, engineering, and procurement of the pyrolysis system components are the main project stages done in-house. We also use built infrastructure of key business alliances, including the preferred equipment vendors, to supply the components parts of the pyrolysis plant.

    Pre-Engineering as Feasibility Study

    For a large-scale pyrolysis project we recommend to proceed with pre-engineering in order to investigate the potential technical possibilities for the pyrolysis plant to be built and the associated costs.

    We sign an agreement with the customer and perform a conceptual design of the pyrolysis plant in accordance with the provided pyrolysis project design specifications. We evaluate the optimal structure of the pyrolysis plant and scope of work to enable decision making to the customer. All the data required for the main (equipment supply) contract are discussed and settled. If required we perform also brief environmental impact assessment.

    As the result of this pre-engineering the main technical and financial parameters of the pyrolysis plant are determined. This information can be further used by the customer to secure the investments, to apply for building and environmental permits or to proceed directly with signing the contract. Results of the conceptual design will be used during engineering phase.

    More information on Turnkey Pyrolysis Project execution